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release 0.7 (10 jul 2005):
(1) Bug fix (entering unordered plot limits will no longer crash the program)

release 0.6 (17 jun 2005):
(1) Simple plugin facility. First example sends a function to the sound card (Linux only).
(2) Tab traversal of control panel.
(3) Error messages and help on control buttons are output in the status line.

release 0.5 (27 may 2005):
(1) Severe bug fixed: p1**2 with p1=-1 was evaluated as -1**2=-1. Resolved by putting parentheses around any value substituted for any parameter.

release 0.4 (25 may 2005):
(1) Parameter zooming made more consistent.

release 0.3 (17 may 2005):
(1) CVS data files may now contain a header line with coordinate names.
(2) Various separators allowed in CVS data files (kolon, semikolon, tab, blank).
(3) Data items can be in WAV format (S16_LE).
(4) New buttons in control frame to zoom and move x and y scale.
(5) Minor bug fixes, some code cleaning.

release 0.2 (29 apr 2005):
(1) Added choice between quick-and-dirty / careful function plotting. The quick-and-dirty option guarantees smooth plotting while parameters are tuned.
(2) Added control to set number of interpolation points.
(3) More controls for parameter tuning.
(4) Handle undefined function values (e.g., sqrt(x) is now cleanly plotted).
(5) From now on, files are released as zip-archives.

release 0.1 (17 apr 2005):
(1) Parameter slides can be zoomed to arbitrary intervals. (2) Right mouse click in the plot window opens menu which allows to zoom out or restore full scale.

release 0.0 (06 apr 2005):
Initial release. Decently stable. Many intended features still missing.

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